Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dutch oven tools

There really aren't any special tools required for dutch oven cooking, but there are some tools that will make it much easier, convenient and fun. I am starting with the bare minimum: long handled tongs, 2 lid lifters, and 3 dutch ovens. You don't really NEED anything more. The few times I have cooked dutch I have been reasonably successful. Some tools you will want to consider are:

Charcoal starter: This is a tall cylinder with a handle that is opened at the top and has a mesh type screen (or something similar) on the bottom. Charcoal is put inside and started from the bottom with newspaper. It gets the coals ready to cook on faster. This will be my next purchase.

Long handled BBQ tools: These are great because you don't have to get to close to the coals and risk getting burned. They include tongs, spatulas, forks, spoons, slotted spoons and knives.

Wide paint brush: This is good for brushing ash off the lid before you open your oven.

Lid holder: This keeps your lid off the ground and prevents dirt from getting in your food from the lid.

Lid lifter: This is really handy. It is a long handle with a hook on the end that allows you to open the lid of your dutch oven without having to touch it. These are great for preventing burns. This is one tool that you really shouldn't dutch oven without.

Gloves: Consider these your outside oven mitts. Need I say more.

Some kind of storage box.

I know this looks like a long list, but as I said before, you can start using your dutch ovens with very little in the way of tools and do just fine.

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