Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 334: Chipotle Chicken Alfredo

Just a quick post today!  I have a few extra little people at my house for the day. 

Chipotle Chicken Alfredo
12" dutch oven

3 tablespoons butter, divided
1 pound boneless skinless chicken tenders, cut into 1-inch pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
4 ounces cream cheese, cubed
1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup milk
1/2 tablespoon chipotle in adobo puree
8 ounces linguine or fettuccine, cooked and drained

Melt 1 tablespoon of the butter in a dutch oven over a full spread of coals. Season chicken with salt and pepper to taste and cook and stir until chicken is no longer pink. Remove chicken; cover to keep warm.

In the same dutch oven, stir together cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, milk, remaining 2 tablespoons butter and the chipotle puree; cook 5 minutes or until cream cheese is completely melted and mixture is well blended, stirring constantly with wire whisk. Gently stir in chicken. Toss with the hot pasta.

The Finished Product

I forgot to take a picture of this, but you really aren't missing anything.

The Review

I wasn't really impressed with this one.  I did a chipotle chicken pasta a while back that was much better.  The cream cheese in this just overpowered all the other flavors, even the chipotle peppers. I tried to add some chicken broth to thin the sauce (because it was thick and pasty) and dilute the cream cheese flavor, but nothing worked.  I won't make this again.  Grade C-.


  1. Looks like an interesting base to start from. I'm going to play with it anyway :)

  2. Let me know what you come up with. I'd love to have a tasty version of this recipe!


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