Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 345: Patriotic Patty Cobbler

Good Morning! I am trying to make up for the days that where missed while Toni was very busy tending and supporting her mother. So Hopefully we will post 2 recipes today. Here at home we have about 5 or 6 favorite dutch oven recipes that we probably cook with at least 1 a month at our house. And usually they are fairly easy and cheap and quick. I mean we rarely eat, pork chops, steaks or do racks of ribs because of the cost involved. So we stick to recipes that use chicken and hamburger etc. Stuff we can get on sale. Anyway we like cobblers because they are so easy to do and don't require a lot of time. We have tasted a lot of cobblers during the years and this one I must say is our "family favorite." We have had  a bunch of people come over to our house in the last two years taking care of Arlana's father, whom was living with us at the time, and everyone of them have asked us to make this recipe for them. It tastes that good. So without further ado, on to the recipe.

Patriotic Patty Cobbler

12" 9 quart dutch oven


1 quart or 2 cans of Cherry Pie filling
1 quart or 2 cans  of Blueberry Pie filling
2 boxes of white Cake mix
1 stick of Butter
1 tub of Cool whip

Spray Pam in the dutch oven and evenly coat the sides and the bottom of the dutch oven. Take out the bags out of cake mixes, and divide both bags into 1/3's, mark on the bags with a magic marker. Dump out a third of each bag into the dutch oven, and spread evenly across the bottom of the dutch oven. Now spread the Blueberry pie filling over the top of the cake mixes. Next Spread out a layer of cake mix, using a other 1/3 of cake mix out of both bags. Spread evenly over the layer of Blueberry pie filling. Now spread the Cherry pie filling over the layer of cake mix you just put down.Now finish with the remaining 1/3 of the cake mix over the Cherries. cut the stick of butter into 1/4" pats and place them all over the top of the remaining cake mix. Bake for 45 to 75 minutes at 350 or until cake is golden. So use 9-10 charcoals for the bottom heat, depending on how big your charcoal is, for 1 ring, and for the top you need more heat so use 1and 1/2 ring on the top. You will have to change out your charcoals 1 time also. Sometimes I have to go and extra 10 or 15 minutes extra with just top heat to get it done.

To assemble:

We mixed it up on this one and put the cherries first.
this is the top with the pads of butter
If you want you can cut back on the butter, to a 1/2 stick if desire:

                                                               The Finished Product

The Review

We love this cobbler. It is our favorite for our family. We would rate it an "A" for cobblers. If you have some vanilla ice cream in the house, it is great.  And if you where camping out and cooked this up for dessert one night after dinner and topped it with whipping cream, it would be a awesome.

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