Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am really getting nervous about trying to cook dutch oven next year. There is at least 4 inches of snow on the ground with more to come tomorrow and Saturday. This experiment may be more than I bargained for. My hubby just shakes his head every time I mention it, but I know that he is secretly salivating and anxiously awaiting my creations.

I was going to do a post all about how to clean your ovens, but as I looked into it, there are just so many ways to do it. So I decided to take a week trying each method and then let you know what I think, what worked and what didn't, and which method I like the best. So stay tuned!

For today, I wanted to show you my new toys. Mom gave me an envelope full of cash for Christmas (ha! Don't I wish!) so I spent it at my local IFA store. I stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse and Cal-Ranch first, but they were so picked over that there wasn't much to choose from. I'm sure that if I could have waited a couple of weeks their shelves would be full, but I didn't have that kind of time. I ended up with a charcoal starter from Cal-Ranch. It cost $16.99, and has an extra handle that will make pouring out coals a lot easier. I really hit the jackpot at IFA. I got a lid holder and 2 10" dutch ovens. The lid holder was $9.99, the dutch ovens were $26.99 and $34.99. They are made by Camp Chef. One is a 4 quart and the other a 6 quart. The 6 qt. is the Lewis and Clark edition and has a pic of Sacajawea on the lid. The lid also has little legs on it so it doubles as a serving tray or a griddle. It is also a deep set lid, hence the extra capacity. But the greatest thing about both ovens is that they are pre-seasoned. In fact, every store I went to only had pre-seasoned ovens. They are FABULOUS!!!! You just wash them in hot soapy water and coat them with oil and Voila--you are done! I can't wait to get cooking!


  1. I never use soap on my Dutch Ovens. The soap will get in the pours and taint the next food you cook. Just like stoneware.

  2. The instructions on my new ovens said to wash with a non citrus soap then oil them. I would never use soap any other time, unless maybe you needed to scrub a old oven before you reseason it.

  3. I have used soap on many of my Dutch Ovens many times and never had a soapy taste in foods. As long as you rinse them well and heat them to evaporate the moisture, you should be fine.


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