Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cookbook Orders

Due to the small number of cookbook orders, I can't afford to have them printed.  I'm working on some other options that won't have as much overhead as a printed book.  I'll update you on those as soon as I can.  I'm thinking about an ebook that can be downloaded or putting all the recipes on CD.  Let me know which option, if any, you'd be interested in. 

Since the book didn't fly, I'm going to start updating all my old posts on care and cleaning, tools and temperature control to reflect what I know after a year of dutch oven cooking instead of what I knew before I knew anything.

As for those who have ordered a cookbook, you have my thanks for your support and my apologies.  I'll figure how to issue refunds through paypal and have that done by the end of the month.


  1. I would enjoy CD form, but would be willing to go for the ebook download if not an option. As long as I could save it to a flashdrive so printing everything out wasn't absolutely necessary.

  2. BooHoo about the cookbook. I'm fine with either option. there are sites that help with that such as, I think they even have a cookbook option. You should check them out.

  3. Nuts--I'm new here; didn't realize you were even taking orders.

    Slight preference for CD but whatever works for you.

  4. I published a cookbook through blurb:

    They offer professional printing and binding and reasonable pricing. If you've already made a PDF for the printers, you can just upload it to their site for printing. We bought books for all our Christmas gifts and they were the highest quality.

    You can sell to the public through their online shop, and they let you mark up the book and then just send you a check. In order to sell to the public, you only need to order one copy yourself.

    Aside from ordering one copy, there are no upfront costs. No setup fees. No monthly subscriptions. Just a book sitting on the internet waiting to be ordered. They print them only when people order them, so the risk is not put on you or them. No overhead costs.

    Using blurb, you won't get a kinkos cookbook.

    Check out my book at:

    No, I don't work for blurb. No they didn't send me sacks of money. Just a happy customer.

    Good luck Toni!

  5. I would be happy with a PDF link or CD. Actually I had such a wonderful year following your cooking and using some of your ideas I am not really concerned about a refund at all :)

  6. I did something similar for my Clay Baker cookbook but rather than trying to self publish I created a pdf version. This is gave away with all clay baker sales and to anyone of my newsletter subscribers who requested one.

    This is easy to do and everyone really appreciates the effort.

    Terry Retter
    Your Smart Kitchen

  7. Hey Toni, I think an eBook would be fantastic! You have so much information to share and it would be nice to have it in one convenient document (printable if we want it). If you need any help with logistics on how to do this let me know, I have some experience having done it with my eBook and I'd be happy to help you out. I think my blog readers would love it too.


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