Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just For The Record...

I really hate my oven!  It doesn't cook at the right temps and it bakes so uneven.  The breadsticks I made with dinner last night ranged from dark brown to white depending on which end of the pan they came off of.  I miss my dutch ovens!


  1. That sounds dangerously like there might be room for additional blogs?

    When Mark was more active, he posted every Sunday. His Sunday cooking adventures were unique in that he would cooking items out of the norm. He went out of his way to discuss dishes that most haven't thought of doing.

    Maybe you could keep up your adventure by posting once a week?

  2. Toni,

    They do make Dutch ovens made for home ovens... they don't have legs, so you can slide them right in. :)

  3. Oh Ranes--I could NEVER leave my dutch ovens alone for long. I'm looking forward to trying some new things that I couldn't do last year since I was feeding a family every day. I'm still going to try pots du creme, cookies and I'm going to figure out how to do creme brulee in my DO. I'm afraid your getting rid of me that easily! :)

    Andy--The problem with using dutch ovens in my oven is that I still have to deal with my stupid oven. I hate that $@&* thing! (Sorry about the language--thats not like me!) Charcoal is much easier!


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