Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 365: Pull Apart Bread

Well, I'm finally posting last Friday's recipe after enduring a weekend with 4 of us having strep throat.  I've never had it before and I could go my whole life and never have it again.  We were miserable with 103° fevers.  What a way to ring in the new year!  LOL!

Well, this is it for 2010 and my year of dutch oven cooking.  I've thought a lot about what I would say on my last post of the year.  It really is bitter sweet.  On one hand, I'm sick of cooking in the cold, and on the other hand, I've totally fallen in love with my dutch ovens.  I can't imagine not using them everyday.  I think that with all our modern conveniences we really miss out on some of the simple things in life.  The challenge and satisfaction of creating something when its difficult or when you have no idea what you're doing.  There is a simplicity in dutch oven cooking that I would have never understood if I hadn't had this year long experience.  Its something I wish everyone could appreciate.  There is just no way for me to put it into words, it just takes you back to your roots.  I feel a connection to generations past and have a new respect for those who cooked in black pots everyday on the trail as they settled the West.  I know I've mentioned my family suffered hardships as they crossed the plains in the 1840's with the Mormon pioneers, and this year has given me a tiny glimpse into what their lives must have been like.

It has been a real journey for me.  I started out not knowing anything and relying on books and all of you for knowledge and help.  Now I'm confident in my dutch oven skills and I've grown as a cook and as a person.  I won't lie, this was a very, very difficult project.  It took a lot of planning and work, especially during baseball and soccer season.  Juggling the demands of 7 children, church and community service, keeping up my home...the list goes on.  I'm really proud to say that with the exception of my vacation in July and the week we found out my mom has cancer, I've cooked outside on charcoal everyday.  Very few people can understand just what that entails.  But its been a great ride!  Its something I'd do over again, and I'm a better person for having done it.

There are a few people I have to thank by name.  First is Mark from Mark's Black Pot.  He put a link on his site and helped get the word out about my blog.  Dave Herzog and Ron Clanton, who I was lucky to meet at the World Championships.   Ranes Carter, who gave me the amazing opportunity of being a cooks assistant at the World Championships.  I learned so much from watching the world class cooks in action.  Doug Thornton, president of the Arkansas Dutch Oven Society, for being a guest blogger and following my posts religiously everyday.  And to all of you for reading, commenting, laughing at me and probably rolling your eyes at my sometimes stupidity!  Its been a heck of a ride and I couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks for the emails, the recipes and the encouragement!  I love you all!

Now whats next for me?  I told my hubby to put me on a forced 1 month dutch oven fast, though I don't think it will last that long.  Starting in February, I'll post once or twice a week.  I could never leave my black pots behind, they've become a part of who I am as a cook.  I hope to try some new things that I couldn't do when I was trying to feed a family everyday.  I hope there will be a lot more experimenting.  So don't forget about me...I'll be back soon!

Today's recipe comes from a Pampered Chef cookbook.

Italian Pull Apart Bread
10" dutch oven

1 can Pillsbury grands biscuits
3 Tbs. butter
2 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp. Italian seasoning
3 Tbs. Parmesan cheese

Melt the butter in a 10" dutch oven over a full spread of coals.  Add the Parmesan, garlic and Italian seasoning.  Quarter the biscuits with kitchen shears.  Add the cut biscuits to the pot and stir well to coat.  Bake at 375° for 25 minutes.  Use 1 1/2 rings plus 2 coals on top and 1 ring on the bottom.  Serves 4-6.

The Finished Product

My camera is charging, I'll have the pic up in a little while!

The Review

This is one of my kid's favorite breads.  I can' believe I didn't post it before now.  It is garlicky and cheesy and delicious.  Grade A.


  1. Congratulations on acheiving your goal! I have enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for sharing the ups and downs of daily dutch oven cooking over the past year. Good luck and enjoy your success!

  2. Thank you Toni. I may see you at WCCO again this year. Kat and I are trying to get the time off. I have checked your blog daily, for one your, now I will miss that All your followers are welcome to our blog, but I just post now and than. I had my knee surgery, this year, and that makes D.O.cookin" much easier. May be I can do more then once a week. I miss all my Utah friends. I love all of you that love D.O. cookin'
    Ron Clanton
    The outlaw Gourmet
    Don't rob your self of good cookin'

  3. Toni,
    I have that same bittersweet feeling reading your final posting for 2010. On one hand I am elated that you were able to complete a heck of a task of "Black Potting" for a full year. Your deication is a very big tribute to a very strong person. And not just any old person...I mean a wife, and Mother of a bunch.LOL. I started following you very early in the year and I am amazed at your growth as a cook. Early on you were afraid of its nothing to you. That is just one example of your growth...I for one am very proud of you.
    But on the other hand ...I will miss you. There was days that when you were late posting that I worried something was wrong and maybe you were too sick or something. Now I am going to have to check in on you and hope to find that you have left us something to read. I was honored when you asked me to help while you were on vacation and thank you for allowing me to use your forum to showcase a few of my recipes.
    In closing, thank you for being you and sharing that you with us. I feel that you have made me a better person by knowing you even if it is as only a E-friend. God bless and best wishes.
    Doug Thornton

  4. From across the miles you have been an inspiration to me and I thank you and will look forward to any posts you make in the future.

  5. I've been watching your journey most of the year and have lived out my dutch oven fantasies vicariously through you. Well done. I've learned so much, and thank you for sharing.
    Yours very truly,

  6. Toni
    Congratulations on completing your voyage! I've already posted that you have inspired me to learn to use my dutch ovens better. I've followed your trials and tribulations for most of the year and have learned so much from you. Yours has been the first blog that I read while enjoying my morning coffee, I will miss your posts.
    Just starting out, I'm beginning to realize how hard it must have been to juggle daily life along with your commitment to keeping this up.
    Toni, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I look forward to your future posts, no matter how sporadic they may be.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  7. This has been the best resource for Dutch oven cooking in my opinion! Your enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I just wanted to say thanks! I had a dutch oven in a box for 9 years, completely unused and untouched until I stumbled across your blog, and now I'm using it 1-2 times/week and throughly enjoying my new hobby.

    Thanks for your dedication!

  8. Congratulations! I'm sure it took willpower and determination, but it has paid us and your family dividends! I'm looking forward to bringing out my own dutch oven this summer ~

  9. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. It was a really great year for me!!

  10. great job hope to see you at the world championship as a winner!

  11. I heard of your blog a few months ago while checking out a cook off in Jacksonville, OR. I haven't been able to check in everyday, and haven't for a couple of weeks now. I was surprised when checking on it today and read you missed your Dutch Ovens. I was trying to figure out what happened to them. Then I remembered that you are done with your year of cooking in them. I will miss the blogs, but I still have several months of your blogs to get to, so it won't be as bad for me as it will be for those that have been able to follow from the beginning.
    Will be looking forward to future posts.

    Dave K.

  12. Thanks for everything! This blog has been excellent! You're a huge inspiration!

  13. And I too, offer my congratulations, although a bit late. I just recently found your blog, but look forward to trying some of your recipes. And to trying to cook outdoors more often, especially with my dutch ovens (just got a dutch oven table today to help make that a little bit easier).

  14. Have you mad this over coals

    1. All of my recipes are made over charcoal briquettes. I've only just started using coals from the fire so I haven't tried this one that way yet. I'll try breads once I get used to making the fool proof dishes over fire coals.


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