Saturday, June 26, 2010

My First Cook Off Menu

Good morning!  It is now 12:31 am at my house.  I was hoping to post tomorrow's recipe tonight, but I'm too exhausted to do it.  I've finally finished getting everything ready for the cook off and 5K run tomorrow and I'm going to bed!  I'm really hoping you have more important things to do on a Saturday morning than wait for me!  : )  The cook off ends at 2 pm, so after the judging and clean up I'll be headed home, prizes in hand (I hope), to rest up and recover before the rodeo tomorrow night.  So sometime tomorrow afternoon I'll post the recipe.

But before I collapse I thought I'd share my cook off menu with you.  I know this is just a small town cook off, but there are bound to be some great dishes prepared.  I know some of the other cooks entering, and they will be tough competition.  So here is my menu:


Chicken Cordon Bleu with Smokey Raspberry Chipotle Sauce


Raspberry Twist Bread


Vegetable Tian  (This will probably be my weakest category)


Danish Cake

Wish me luck, and I'll post some pics of the cook off as soon as I recover from this week end!


  1. Good Luck !!! Looks like a great menu.

  2. 25 years later, I still remember my first cook-off, at the Utah state fair. My late wife and I cooked some very different things the judges didn't understand and we came home empty handed. Dick Stucki said it was some of the best food but to different for the judges. But, We had so much fun, and won the next yes.
    Good Luck Toni. Were all behind you.

  3. Oh I would have wished you luck but it is over. I am sure you had a blast whichever way it goes. You are a great positive lady!

  4. Thanks for all the luck and the positive feedback. It was really fun and I learned a lot. My next cook off will be even better!


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